What are some other benefits of getting in half an hour of exercise every day?

Weight Loss

Yep – even half an hour of exercise per day can help you to prevent excess weight gain or maintain weight loss. Stick to high-intensity sessions to burn more calories – if you’re struggling for time, get more active in your day to day duties (e.g. taking the stairs or walking to work).

Reduce Stress

Exercise increases the amount of norepinephrine in your body – the chemical that can moderate our brain’s response to stress and stressful situations. If you’ve had a tough day, go ahead and get sweaty — a quick work out can reduce stress, as well as boost your ability to deal with existing mental tension.

Improve Self Confidence

We all have days where we feel less than average – half an hour of exercise could be the difference between a self-pity sob session and a well-deserved hit of self-confidence, so get sweaty. Your body will thank you in the long run.

30 Minute Trainer Studio in Orlando, Orange County, FL: Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Improve Your Health with Professional, Personal Trainers!

Most people work out on their own to lose weight and take inches off their bodies. The thing is, it’s common for these plans to become short-lived, ineffective, or worse, cause injuries without the help of a professional fitness trainer.

At 30 Minute Trainer, we know you want to see effective and lasting results in your fitness journey. We are the best personal fitness providers and studio in Orange County, Orlando, FL, with a team of certified trainers working with you to achieve better health, improve strength, and hit your goals.

We have been in the business of motivating our diverse group of clients from every stage through our different programs within the budget:

  • Group training
  • Boot Camps
  • Partner training
  • Personalized one-on-one training

Our Certified Fitness Trainers

One of the most important things in a fitness journey is accountability. This is why our team of certified, professional trainers does not simply guide our clients through workout routines and hit numbers on the weighing scale. Instead, they ensure that our clients have the right mindset about health and stay motivated through feedback and accountability.

Our fitness instructors collaborate to ensure that our clients get holistic training, as well as make them fun and engaging, so they’re always excited to work out. What’s more, we conduct periodic fitness assessments to track their progress and adjust our programs to tailor to their needs.

It’s time to discover your full fitness potential through affordable proper training with us at 30 Minute Trainer! We cover your personal training service needs wherever you are in Orange County, FL, Orlando, FL, Conway Area, FL, and Belle Isle, FL.

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Best Personal Trainer Orlando Florida

Professional Fitness and Personal Trainer in Orlando, Florida, as well as in 32812, 32822 and other areas

Get to know more about our personal trainers and how they can help you become a better version of yourself through our certified effective 30 minute personal trainer workout sessions. From the fitness consultation until the actual training, our personal trainer will guide you all throughout of improving your balance, endurance, strength, and posture. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We serve the areas of 32812, 32806, 32827, 32822, and the rest of Orlando, Florida. 


You might think you need to meet with your personal trainer five days a week to lose twenty pounds, but two to three sessions per week for 6-12 weeks, you’ll likely find that you have developed new habits and see noticeable improvement, at which time you may continue seeing the trainer or carry on exercising on your own.

What we offer

Fitness Consultation – 30 to 60 minutes long with a certified personal trainer to go over your goals, medical history, and take you through various movements testing your strengths and weaknesses. Must do an endurance step test (100 feet) with our Jacob’s ladder to be eligible to take classes. All new members must go through a free consultation before starting.

Personal & Partner Training – 30 & 50 minute one-on-one sessions – Our fitness trainers are here to help build a program for you that fits your lifestyle while focusing on balance, endurance, strength, posture, and flexibility. Every client’s goals are unique. Personal training is about individual attention, not one-size-fits-all. We choose to work with average professional men and women, and people serious about achieving their goals. Most people don’t have the motivation to train working out at home or on their own and that’s why they need accountability.

30 Minute Circuit Training – 30 minute sessions – We offer circuit training, a full body circuit fitness program that incorporates machines, bands, and dumbbells. Each client will have their own customized workouts and a personal trainer to assist each person participating. Circuit Training holds up to 4 people with one personal trainer.

Group Classes – Group classes are 30 minutes – that are formatted workouts that play the music to the counts and aren’t for beginners or anyone with recent injuries. Anyone interested in classes must be eligible before taking a class. Classes consist of total body workouts with free weights and machines. Each class is different and holds up to 8 people.

Here’s what you can expect with 30 minute sessions

Level 1 Novice

12-16 sets

Level 2 Beginner

16-20 sets

Level 3 Intermediate

20-24 sets

Level 4 Advanced

24-28 sets

Level 5 Expert

28 Plus

Personal Trainers




Personal Training Prices

  • Personal Training

  • 10 Sessions – 480
  • One-on-one personalized workouts with a certified personal trainer to help you get stronger from the inside out. We offer personalized 30 minute sessions while designing a fitness program that targets your specific goals for your health.
  • Partner Training

  • 10 Sessions – 360
  • If you want to share your time with a friend or just another client, we encourage partner training. Partner has more times to choose from and the rates are discounted. Each client will have their own customized workouts and a personal trainer to assist each person participating. Up to 2 people
  • Couples Training

  • 10 sessions – 720
  • Share your time with someone you know like a spouse or a friend to guarantee the two of you will work out simultaneously. Price includes two people for half an hour.
  • On-Line Training

  • 10 Sessions 650
  • If your schedule doesn’t allow for gym visits, consider our online training sessions conducted via Zoom. Through a virtual training app, we provide comprehensive guidance to facilitate your workouts remotely.